Nora Weber is a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, whose work focuses on equity in education and labor. I am currently completing my dissertation.

Samples of my research can be found below. Methodologically, I take a multi-methods approach, using a combination of surveys, secondary data analysis, interviews, text analysis, and field and survey experiments to pursue my research agenda. I particularly enjoy exploring experimental design and previously served as Assistant Director of the Indiana University Sociology Lab.

My instructional experience includes graduate-level statistics, survey methods, and experimental design, and undergraduate Sociology of Education.

For further information, please see my resume, email me, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Some of my recent research explores the effects of educational attainment on political ideology; shifts in higher education admissions policies during COVID-19; and how hiring managers assess applicant quality. I use multi-methods approaches, with an emphasis on experimental methods.

Please view samples of my work:

Education & Political

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Higher Education & COVID

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